What should I take off for a massage?

Do I have to undress, and how much do I have to take off?

It can be a scary thing, walking into a service room and not having this question answered.  I can tell you right now that this all depends on your service. If you are having a massage for instance, the answer will always be, “dress down to your comfort level.”

The “comfort level” is different for everyone. Dressing down completely for a massage is completely normal. Don’t feel weird about it. Your technician will leave you do that you may dress down in private, and when they come back, will announce themselves before entering. Before they enter, you should be on the treatment table, covered by the sheet and blanket provided. At no time during any kind of spa treatment, should any personal area of you be exposed. If you are having a specific muscular area massaged, such as only your back, really only the upper portion of clothing is necessary to remove, again IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH IT.

Only the upper portion of clothing is necessary to remove for a facial. This is so that your tech have access to your neck and decollate, and doesn’t get product on your clothing as well. Again only if you are comfortable with it. Your technician will walk you through what is recommended for your kind of service, especially if it’s your first time.

Never be afraid to ask a question. It is so important to have open communication with your tech. Whether it be one of the above mentioned topics or something else entirely, we all have questions when trying something new. Don’t allow nerves or fear of the unknown prevent you from enjoying utter rejuvenation at Cascade Day Spa.

– Julianna Moore LMT at Cascade Day Spa

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