Pushing the H20

Anyone that receives a massage knows that afterward, your therapist will plop a glass of water in front of you, and request that you continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

It’s expected, but why?

 The answers can become slightly scientifically murky. There of course is proof that the body needs water, including your muscles. the fact that your muscles require hydration is enough of a reason to drink plenty of water before and after a massage.

Taking a minute to sip some water while you check out and reschedule can also help bring you back down to earth, help you feel less spacey. The other reason, is the murky part. Most therapists believe that massage releases toxins into the system that if not flushed with plenty of water can cause you, as the client to feel rather terrible. particularly after a deep tissue treatment.

However, there are no studies or scientific basis for this theory.

Personally, I base this theory off my own experiences, and what I was taught in massage school. I have had many massages, most treatment based. I have been that client that shrugs off the guaranteed “drink plenty of water today” and have reaped the consequences of feeling absolutely terrible.

So do I believe that the body holds toxins that can be released during massage? Yes, as a client, and a massage practitioner.

Do all alternative based professionals believe this? No. Do you? well, that’s up to you. Either way, drink plenty of water after a massage, and every other day! It won’t hurt you, and your body needs it anyway. better safe than sorry am I right?

Dr. Oz on water & massage.  ——> Here

Massage Therapist Lisa Detres LMT thoughts on water & massage. —–> Here

– Julianna Moore LMT at Cascade Day Spa


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