Massage Therapy

Here  we go again. Another Massage therapist/practitioner accused of sexual misconduct. Innocent until prove guilty? of course. However, his reputation will forever be tainted, and likely will never be able to work as a massage practitioner again. The board that we answer to, is quite strict on any kind of accusations such as this, even if he is proven innocent. Thats just my opinion of course, since I don’t know any specifics nor have I ever been in this situation, but considering his name is all over the news, including his practice, its doubtful.

As a massage practitioner, these stories always outrage me. It has taken a long time for our sort of work to be considered a legitimate alternative health practice. It has taken a long time to get away from the sullied and false beliefs that many carry in regards to massage. Massage is extremely helpful to so many. Most in my field, only want to do just that; Help. Some, ruin it for everyone. But remember that its a two way street. Massage practitioners must be careful as well as the client. Their are just as many people out there who would attempt to take advantage of the situation while on the table, as massage therapists that sully the profession. So in this special blog entry, lets talk about it. Lets discuss how to be safe during your massage, and how you should feel, and whats ok.

First off, always trust your instincts. If in any way you do not feel at ease, comfortable and cared for in a professional manner, it is your right to cancel the appointment, request a different therapist, or stop your treatment. At any time.

second, your bits and pieces should always be covered. At no time during your treatment should any private area be touched or uncovered. This excludes the Glute area, unless requested or a barrier(underwear) is present. Even the glute area can be worked on over the sheet, which is my tendency as a practitioner. Third, any kind of sexual discussion, jokes, or contact should be met with the treatment ending immediately. This kind of talk disrupts the barrier of trust for both parties, no matter if it is the client or the therapist, even if its an “innocent joke”. During a massage is not the place or time to have such a conversation, and leads to no one feeling comfortable.

You should always feel safe during a massage. you should always feel comforted, relaxed, and should never have to question whether something that happened was a “safe touch.”

To all of our clients, we hope that you will always feel safe with us. We strive for nothing but the best in our spa, and respect each and every one of you. This sort of headline is not one we want to see again, so remember to stay safe, trust yourself, educate yourself, and don’t allow this sort of story prevent you from seeking alternative health treatments, that your body needs.

Be well!

– Julianna Moore LMT at Cascade Day Spa


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