Preparing for Warmer Weather

Did you enjoy our beautiful weather Monday? I know I did. I lounged around by the river with my family, had a picnic, and built a sandcastle with my daughter. Then I woke up Tuesday. Cloudy day! What a bummer that was right? From eighty degree weather, to grey clouds, rain, and sweaters. But here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re pretty much used to it. We know that at some point soon, the weather will turn and we won’t have to worry about any drastic changes. We know that soon we will be wearing our swimsuits under our work clothes, enjoying Esther short park with our Kiddos, hiking or biking in The Gorge, and barbecues. So many barbecues!Vancouver_Washington_Cascade_day_spa_pacific_north_west

So….do you wanna be prepared, by being your most handsome or beautiful you?

We’ve Got you covered here at Cascade Day Spa!

first off, waxing doesn’t just belong to the ladies anymore. We have plenty of male clients enjoying the benefits of freshly waxed skin. chest, back, and arms are all common waxing areas for men. With our specialists waxing is easy and practically paiVancouver_Washington_Cascade_day_spa_chest_waxingnless. So, if you’ve ever wanted to try one of our waxing services, Don’t be shy, come on by! Nothing wrong with a lil Man-scaping right? Ladies, most of you already know the benefits of waxing, so time to schedule with Tamara or Inna and get those winter legs taken care of!

Has your skin been suffering this winter? I know mine has. Sooovancouver_washington_Day_spa_Massage_body_wrapsoo dry and flaky! If your skin isn’t quite ready for the beach, come see us first! We have many body treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed, pampered, and most of all, leave your skin buffed, polished, and hydrated. Heck, even a basic massage can help your skin. the oils and lotions we use are pure, and massage sloughs off dead skin. adding a body scrub and wrap to your massage this month will leave you feeling ahh-mazing.

we have many facials available to help you achieve your best “summer you” as well. the change in weather is a good time to see your esthetician to discuss any skin changes that can occur, and how to best protect your skin in the sun.Vancouver_washington_Day_Spa_Cascade_Sun_screen_summer

When the blue skies return, Cascade will make sure your swimsuit ready.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!

– Julianna Moore LMT at Cascade Day Spa

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